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  A review of Globus tour of Cuba  

Albert Slater, an inside sales consultant from Globus went to Cuba. He was kind enough share with us the highlights of

his trip. There are still some openings for 2015 tours to Cuba.


Please call me at 707-766-0904 to book your once in a lifetime trip to Cuba before the big box stores move in.




The studio of Martha Jimenez, a painter and sculptor. Many of her sculptures graced the street outside. Lunch at a local

Paladar, which are the nowallowed privately owned restaurants with fantastic latin jazz band playing in the nearby

square. Always Great music & dancing with the locals the Camaguey Ballet Company to watch some rehearsals.


Camaguey Ballet Company


King Ranch, where we enjoyed a snack & water fresh squeezed from sugar cane. At the ranch we enjoyed

a lunch of Pork, chicken and lamb with rice & beans and papaya for dessert! Then, a Visit to Casanova

Pottery Studio to make the large clay pots displayed outside of homes.


Casanova Pottery Studio

 Dinner was at Paladar 1800, owned by a family creating wonderful food in a lovingly restored building. We dined to

some nice live music. FYI: Overall, hardly any road traffic.

In Trinidad, lunch at a Casa Particular. We visited a library, and upon interacting with the librarian I discovered that if

you don’t return your book on time, they come to your house! Checked into the Iberostar Grand Hotel jointly owned by

the government and the Spanish hotel=chain of the same name. This is the kind of place that shows the huge

difference between how visitors experience Cuba and how the locals live. Families with young children would

occasionally peek thru the windows to see how the other half lived.


Taxi outside Iberostar Hotel in Trinidad


Onto Cienfuegos for a walk down the main shopping street to see different types of stores... The LOCAL stores are

rustic, crowded and a full of goods; In contrast, a store that takes CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) is brightly lit,

relatively well kept, with products for non Cubans. Stop at an arts & crafts market & to an art studio, specializing in

helping children with Down’s Syndrome express themselves. Then, time with the Cienfuegos Choir, a group

of 18 men and women.


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